Research Partners

Gardin have the privilege of collaborating with some of the leading Research Partners in plant science and digital phenotyping.

Professor Tracy Lawson

Director of Plant Phenomics
The Lawson Lab

Prof. Tracy Lawson heads up The Lawson Lab and is director of the Plant Phenomics Research Facility at the University of Essex - a world-renowned group undertaking research into Photosynthetic biology under controlled environmental conditions to assess changes in plant physiology. Tracy is a Professor in Plant physiology with >25 years’ experience in photosynthesis research and is currently Plant group convenor and Director of Essex Plant Innovation Centre. Tracy is an expert in plant and algae photosynthesis and is currently PI and Co-PI on several research projects funded by NERC, BBSRC, EU and Newton Fund with income totalling ca. £2M. Tracy is an author/co-author on over 125 peer-reviewed research papers and holds positions on the BBSRC board of expertise as well as editorial roles for the JXB, Plant Physiology, Plant Journal and Plant Direct.

“We are excited to partner with Gardin as the collaboration will allow us to further develop and test our ideas in the market and be part of the great team that Gardin has put together.”

Professor Derek Stewart

Director of Advanced Plant Growth Centre
The James Hutton Institute

Prof. Derek Stewart is the Director of the Advanced Plant Growth Centre, a £27M investment at the James Hutton Institute, established to develop and employ next-generation controlled pre and post-harvest environments combined with high throughput technologies to monitor plant physiology and deliver the underpinning science that will lead to new crop varieties. Over the last 30 years, Prof Stewart has pursued a career in crop production science, especially at the academia-industry interface. He has an H-index of 58, ~200 refereed papers and to date has led/co-led projects with a cumulative value of £269m.

The James Hutton Institute is Europe’s premier agriculture and environment research centre and strives to maintain its place at the forefront of innovative and transformative science for sustainable management of land, crop and natural resources that support thriving communities.

"The James Hutton Institute welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with GARDIN and explore the common ground of plant phenotyping and the development of databased agriculture and horticulture. Sensor driven food production is an absolute necessity in an era of climate change and delivery to the net-zero GHG agenda and together we can build new production systems that will minimise inputs and waste whilst increasing productivity and profitability."

If you would like to learn more about our work, please get in touch!


Professor Tracey Lawson

PROFESSOR  of Plant Physiology

The Lawson Lab

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Professor Derek Stewart

Director of Advanced Plant Growth Centre

‍The James Hutton Institute

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