Creating a more nutritional and sustainable world

Join our mission to create a more nutritional and sustainable world.

As the population is growing, demand vs current production is simply unsustainable.

Something, somewhere, needs to change.

At Gardin, we use cutting edge technology to enable food producers to grow the most nutritious food optimally, sustainably and affordably.

For your health, our planet and their bottom line.

What is happening...

  • Climate change is making it increasingly difficult and more expensive for traditional farming to deliver the right produce at the right time.
  • Vertical and indoor farming have high operational costs that cannot continue to be passed onto the consumer.
  • There is a ‘Hidden Hunger’ with food lacking certain nutrients, which may be contributing to our health problems.
  • Consumers care more about their wellbeing now than ever before, with an ever-increasing demand for more cost-effective, nutritional food being readily available to everyone.

What does Gardin do...

  • We are for the first time, enabling food producers to measure and monitor the nutritional value of food. From seed to plate in a real-world environment.
  • We are delivering insights from our analytics to help food producers optimise production, grow nutritious food, lower carbon footprint and reduce waste.
  • We are enabling food producers to achieve this by providing an affordable, non-invasive solution to optimise yields and hard-earned margins. In turn, without having to incur considerable high costs to pass onto the consumer.
  • We are empowering food producers to feed the world consciously, sustainably and nutritionally; as it should be.

If you are interested in a career with Gardin or partnering with us we invite you to come on our journey and make a change.

Be part of something meaningful and help create a step-change in the world we live in today!

About Gardin

We believe in a world in which everyone has the right to access high quality, nutritious food that is good for you and for our planet. Our environmental issues are real, something, somewhere needs to change. Gardin promises to create the step-change required by deploying its technology.

Our vision is simple, to create a real-world operating system that will power the future of farming by helping food producers deliver those superior yields, nutrition and quality. A complete closed-loop growth & nutritional optimisation platform for all crop production.

At Gardin, our success will be measured by enabling the growth of high-quality food with an increase in nutritional density to aid health and wellbeing. It will be affordable food for all. Produced sustainably by focusing on lowering carbon footprint and creating less global waste.

We are empowering food producers to feed the world consciously, sustainably and nutritionally.

Our Technology

Our state-of-the-art optical remote sensing technology, machine vision and analytics, allow producers to measure plant physiology and proactively adjust parameters in order to optimise operations.

Gardin enables end-to-end control of the process. Resulting in less waste with increased efficiency, improved margins from higher quality and healthier consumers from the ability to measure and quantify the nutritional content of food.

If you would like to learn more about our technology, get in touch!

Our Commercial Partners

All commercial partnerships operate under strict NDA, however Gardin are currently engaged with some of the largest and most technically advanced vertical farm operations in Europe. Gardin are also on track to start working with greenhouses in 2021.

We are excited to be working with experts towards a common goal. Helping initiatives such as vertical farming succeed as a new business platform. Enabling technology required for the important growth of nutritional crops and together, helping to create that step-change with environmental issues, such as tacking food waste on a global scale.

Our Team

Gardin founder & CEO Sumanta Talukdar PhD, surrounds himself with a founding team who collectively bring the very best expertise in their respective fields of excellence.
The team are experienced in large-scale, real-world deployment challenges. With direct development and deployment experience in real-world solutions and applications ranging from medical robotics, deep physics, harsh environment sensing, precision engineering and global operations for consumer electronics.

"Our Investors and Research Partners also make up a core part of our team. We are truly proud and honoured to have them onboard" - Sumanta Talukdar, CEO

If you are ready to be part of something meaningful... Check out our careers page!


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Pratima Aiyagari

Deep Tech investor, previously Cisco Corporate Development (M&A and Investments)

Gilad Engel

Partner at Target Global, Angel investor
and Entrepreneur

Abdulaziz Alrashed

Head of a MENA based multi-family investment office responsible for leading investment strategy and platform


To make nutritious food production sustainable. For us and the planet

we all need nutritious food

We use technology to redefine the standards of quality produce. from ‘it Looks good’ to ‘it is good.’


We want to help the planet heal and secure sustainable and nutritious food production for today and future generations.


Affordable, nutritious and sustainable food for everyone in the galaxy.

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