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  • December 2023

    Gardin attains three significant security certifications

    Gardin is proud to announce the successful attainment of three significant security certifications ...

    Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 - Information Security Management.

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  • October 2023

    Video | AI Insights from our Portfolio - Molten

    The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding at an unprecedented pace, impacting industries and ...

    ... transforming the way we approach complex problems. To gain deeper insights into the current state and future prospects of AI, Molten hosted a panel earlier this month featuring three experts in the field, handpicked from our portfolio.

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  • June 2023

    Using photosynthesis insights to optimise plant performance - Agri-TechE

    "In the Innovation Hub at the 2023 Royal Norfolk Show, the team from Gardin will be discussing how ...

    ... the system provides growers with insights into plant health that can easily be actioned, improving yields and quality, and lowering costs. We caught up with Fabrizio Ticchiarelli, Lead Biologist at Gardin, ahead of the show to ask about recent developments."

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  • April 2023

    Gardin have been selected to be part of the International Fresh Produce Association cohort for the 2023 Fresh Field Catalyst program

    "We look forward to bringing our solution to growers across the US and learning from the fantastic knowledge this program has to offer. (Julian Godding, Lead Data Scientist at Gardin)"

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  • March 2023

    Sumanta Talukdar is changing the way we grow crops - Pictet

    Sumanta Talukdar, founder and CEO of the UK-based agri-tech business Gardin, is setting out to make farming more efficient in terms of energy, profitability, and consumer satisfaction.

    "Although his business model is heavily tech-based, it started with two premises: first, why isn't there a way of measuring the nutritional value of crops, destined for food products, as they grow? And second..."

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  • February 2023

    Gardin and Boxford Farms Partner to Improve Commercial Glasshouse Crop Performance

    Gardin has partnered with Boxford Farms to showcase its innovative technology that helps commercial glasshouse growers monitor their crop's health, reduce variance across the farm and increase yield.
  • January 2023

    Gardin and Enza Zaden strengthen relationship

    Gardin is thrilled to announce that Enza Zaden has the intention to expand our collaboration across facilities in the Netherlands and Spain in 2023.
  • November 2022

    Gardin shortlisted as 'Tech Champions 2022' - Financial Times

    Out of 300 entrants, the Financial Times judges considered Gardin for our clever use of technology.

    "Here are the companies considered by our judges for their clever use of technology — and the 10 they chose as winners..."

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  • October 2022

    The importance of digital phenotying in agriculture - CHAP Solutions

    Dr. Sumanta Talukdar, Founder & CEO of Gardin, shares his views on the sector, and what he thinks the future holds for food production.

    "I developed a personal interest in food production primarily born of the question – 'why is it that all the fresh produce I buy looks great but really lacks in quality?'..."

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  • September 2022

    Gardin Sensors Provide Deep Understanding of Plant Stress - AgriTechE

    Directly measuring the health of a plant is the best way to ensure high productivity, says Fabrizio Ticchiarelli, Gardin's Lead Biologist, about the the company's sensors.

    "Since Gardin first spoke in the REAP 2021 Start-Up Showcase, it has been successful in raising $10.8M to develop a plant stress detector, and it is returning to REAP as an exhibitor this year to discuss progress. Fabrizio explains how..."

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  • September 2022

    A Sustainable Future with CEA - CHAP Solutions

    Dr Fabrizio Ticchiarelli provides a snapshot of some key aspects of digital phenotyping and explores the sector's current focus, challenges and future scope.

    "The renewed focus on sustainability and environmental challenges spurs many efforts towards using digital strategies for crop production. Nowadays people are more demanding when it comes to product origin, mileage and input usage. As a result, there is a real drive from consumers to..."

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  • September 2022

    Gardin Features in BBC News Technology

    Gardin technology can improve productivity. Using sensors and AI to assess individual leaves and suggest changes to each plant's environment.

    "Vertical farming - growing plants indoors, on stacked levels, in a highly controlled environment - allows higher yields. And now, the Gardin company hopes to further improve productivity, using sensors and artificial intelligence to assess..."

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  • August 2022

    Gardin Features on BBC Click

    Agritech and the future of Farming Programme - Gardin representing the AgTech Industry ...
  • August 2022

    Gardin Featured on BBC Click

    Agritech and the future of Farming Programme - Gardin representing the AgTech Industry and share the importance...

    "Click looks at agriculture and the technology that might be helping to make it more sustainable, featuring AI-powered imaging sensors that can..."

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  • March 2022

    Gardin picked as a startup poised to take off in 2022 (Business Insider subscription required)

    Investors pumped $10.8 billion into AI startups in Europe last year, according to PitchBook...

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  • March 2022

    Gardin listed #27 in 50 Top Tech Startups in the UK 2022 by Beauhurst

    "Investors see bright futures for these tech companies, having provided them with capital to realise potential" - Beauhurst
  • March 2022

    Gardin selected by Innovate UK

    Gardin is selected to be part of the Singapore 2022 Agrifood Global Business Innovation & Incubator Programme.
  • December 2021

    Founder Q&A: The Future of Sustainability - Seedcamp

    We're currently living in the decisive decade for creating a lasting, positive impact on our planet.

    Previously, we published a deep dive on the future of sustainability and highlighted some of our portfolio companies spearheading the way. On the back of this, we spoke with six of our founders ...

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  • December 2021

    Gardin Raises $10.8M Seed Round - Tech.EU

    Funding will be used to further develop the entire product lineup, with crop forecasting and nutritional density mapping ...

    "London-headquartered agtech firm Gardin has raised $10.8 million in a seed funding round. The company combines machine learning methods and remote optical sensors to provide growers with detailed data about the health of individual plants, all without the need to manually assess or conduct destructive chemical analyses. The funding will be used to ..."

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  • December 2021

    Gardin Named One Of Oxfords 'Hottest Startups' - Wired UK

    “How do I measure the goodness of food? Not just cosmetics?” - From a question to an idea, from an idea to...

    "The idea for agritech startup Gardin came to physicist Sumanta Talukdar in summer of 2019, after consuming a very bad batch of Tesco tomatoes. "They looked great. Nice, round, perfect shape – very, very red," he says. "But when you ate them, they tasted of nothing.""

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  • October 2021

    Gardin Named As A Startup Shaping The Food Industry - Forbes

    Gardin's remote sensing technology aims to empower food producers by monitoring and delivering insights on...

    "The emergence of new technologies, including mobile app-based services, is transforming the way that the food industry operates, and giving rise to a new digital industry, known as foodtech. Innovations that meet growing consumer demands for convenience, product freshness and environmental sustainability are set to define the future of this sector."

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  • September 2021

    The Future of Sustainability, and the Tech Companies out to Improve it - Seedcamp

    Within the last decade, buzzwords such as "sustainability", "ESG", "UN SD goals", and "social impact" ...

    ... have woven their way into how startups and established companies operate. These frameworks, guiding as vehicles of change, impact how organisations build business models, implement technology, establish crucial frameworks, shape branding, and conduct their day-to-day governance.

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  • September 2021

    Net Zero 2.0 Growth Programme - Tech Nation

    Backed by UK Government, Gardin was selected as one of 32 UK's most promising climate tech companies driving ...

    "We are excited to announce a new cohort of 32 UK climate tech and cleantech companies selected for our second Net Zero programme."

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  • August 2021

    THRIVE EUROPE 2021 Challenge - SVG Ventures

    Over 300 applicants across 27 Countries, Gardin named one of 10 finalists and the only UK representative.
  • July 2021

    Vertical Farming World Congress 2021 - Zenith

    Gardin invited to speak at this years event, 20th-22nd September. Using technology to boost nutrition.
  • May 2021

    Our CEO Is a Repeat Entrepreneur - The Verge

    Sumanta Talukdar's previous start-up bought by SNAP for over five hundred million dollars...

    "Snap has agreed to acquire WaveOptics, the supplier of the augmented reality displays that power its new Spectacles glasses, for more than $500 million, The Verge has learned. The deal is..."

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  • January 2021

    Gardin is backed by leading funds and angels from USA, Europe and MENA - TechCrunch

    Gardin raises $1.2m pre-seed to build and trial optical phenotyping technology & analytics....

    "Gardin, a 'deep tech' hardware and software startup developing optical phenotyping technology and analytics to optimise food production, has raised $1.2 million in pre-seed funding."

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  • April 2020

    Remote sensing technology and analytics for food production - Forbes

    When, where and why? How it all began. An interview with Sumanta Talukdar, CEO & Founder of Gardin.

    "The world currently faces a global supply-demand imbalance with regards to food production. As the global population continues to rise, with expectations of reaching 9.7 billion by 2050, approximately 70% more food will be..."

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  • October 2023

    How to optimise orchid growth and other CAM plants

    CAM plants have a distinct photosynthetic process that both sets them apart from typical ...

    C3 and C4 plants, presenting a unique challenge to greenhouse growers to manage their climate.

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  • August 2023

    Reducing Environmental Impact: Technology for Eco-friendly Plant Farming

    Since the beginning of human existence, plant farming has been a major part of human civilisation ...

    But while it has helped improve human lives through food production and job creation, it has also negatively impacted the environment.

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  • July 2023

    What are the 6 Challenges Facing Glasshouses in 2023?

    As plant agriculture continues to evolve and adapt to meet the growing demands of a changing world, ...

    glasshouses have emerged as a promising solution to increase crop yields and minimise environmental impact. However, these controlled environments face various challenges, ranging from high energy costs and water usage to pest management and disease control.

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  • June 2023

    Beanstalk Global - Circle of Leaders - Vertical Farming & Glasshouse

    "What does the future hold for Glasshouse Crops and Vertical Farming?"

    "Dial in to hear from key industry experts with potential solutions and collaborations to the perceived broken food supply systems. Listen into key inputs from Joe Shaw Roberts of Kantar as well as ...

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  • November 2022

    Olivia Cousins, PhD, Senior Crop Scientist at Gardin - Medium Blog

    The intelligence of Plants: adaptation to environmental change

    "What is intelligence? Intelligence can be defined as the ability to perceive changes in one's environment, to apply knowledge to manipulate one's environment to suit oneself, and to think abstractly. If I were to ask if you thought plants were intelligent, most likely your response would be..."

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  • October 2022

    Gardin goes live on BeanStalk.Global

    Our CEO & Founder, Sumanta Talukdar and Lead Biologist, Fabrizio Ticchiarelli share how Gardin have created a unique technology that is looking to revolutionise how to grow more sustainable, affordable, nutritious foo within Vertical Farms and Greenhouses.

    "Their headline is to make nutritious food production sustainable and affordable. For us and the planet. They have created unique technology that is looking to revolutionise how protected cropping and vertical farms can grow even more efficiently and to grow even better quality of fresh food. We go live with Sumanta Talukdar – Founder and CEO and Fabrizio Ticchiarelli – Lead Biologist. On the conversation, we look to find out..."

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  • April 2022

    The Gardin Get Together Podcast

    Gardin's Lead Biologist shares detail on the UK Government Grant awarded, alongside IGS and The James Hutton Institute.
  • January 2022

    Julian Godding, Senior Data Scientist at Gardin - Medium Blog

    Sustainability and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

    "At Gardin, sustainability and science are at the heart of what we do. As engineers with backgrounds in fields ranging from optoelectronics, condensed matter, robotics and, of course, plants, we often discuss our favourite areas of research and argue over their respective merits. However, if there is one area of science that we all look upon with awe, it is..."

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  • November 2021

    Why IoT and Agritech are the Perfect Match | Sumanta Talukdar & Richard Osterloh – The IOT Podcast

    We explore the global need for Vertical Farming and why IoT will play a significant role now and in the future.
  • June 2021

    The Gardin Get Together Podcast

    Tune into Gardin's very first podcast with Gary Spencer, Operations Director at Gardin...
  • May 2021

    Gary Spencer, Director of Operations at Gardin - Medium Blog

    Inside track with Gary Spencer — Operations at Gardin

    "We sit down for a coffee and a chat with Gardin's Director of Operations and General Manager, Gary Spencer. I'm Damiana Price, Head of Marketing at Gardin and as a relative newcomer to Gardin's marketing team and the AgriTech space, I wanted to get to know the people who are passionate about creating a step-change in this industry. While the Venture Capital investments and valuations tend to grab the headlines along with the Research Partner and Customer wins, it's the people after all who make the company a success."

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  • April 2021

    Dr Fabrizio Ticchiarelli, Lead Biologist at Gardin - Medium Blog

    The First Law of Thermodynamics

    "Food and Agriculture Organisation's (FAO) Food security Report from 2020 depicts a rather bleak picture for our food systems. Roughly 690 million people (8.9% of the world's population) are currently severely hungry - an increase of 60 million since 2015 - while in 2019 an estimated 2 billion did not have access to..."

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  • February 2021

    MMC Podcast with MMC Principal, Mina Samaan and Gardin CEO and Founder, Sumanta Talukdar

    Gardin is an MMC portfolio company with the bold vision to minimise the waste in food production.

    "Mina and Sumanta discuss the role of agritech in reducing food waste, the role of AI in Gardin's product and how Sumanta's experience of founding his previous company, WaveOptics, helped him when launching Gardin."

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