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Gardin now integrated with Ridder climate computers to offer real-time photosynthesis insights

June 2024

In an exciting development for the horticultural sector, Gardin, an innovator in optical phenotyping technology, is now available to growers using Ridder climate computers. This strategic integration marks a significant advancement in horticultural production, empowering growers with real-time photosynthesis insights to monitor plant health, measure farm productivity and optimise their climate strategies.

Image Credit: Gardin sensors alongside Ridder climate boxes at FromBoer in Dinteloord, Netherlands.

"Integrating Gardin's technology into our climate control systems is a significant step towards closing the loop in greenhouse horticulture" said Ad de Koning, Innovation Manager at Ridder. "Measuring the plant is essential for the next stage of improved decision making and eventually, more autonomous growing practices."

The collaboration between Gardin and Ridder represents a pivotal shift towards data-driven cultivation practices based on measurements of the plants themselves. By harnessing Gardin's state-of-the-art sensor technology, growers can now access real-time indications of light-use efficiency, assimilation and plant health. This integration allows for the seamless translation of plant signals into actionable climate control decisions, enabling growers to adjust their climate strategy to meet the physiological needs of their crops.

"Understanding the plant's physiological status is crucial for the advancement of data driven growing" said Julian Godding, Lead Data Scientist at Gardin. "By combining our innovative technology with Ridder's robust climate control systems, we are unlocking a new lens for growers to understand their crop and make better decisions. Our goal is to empower growers to not just react to plant needs, but to anticipate them, ensuring optimal growth conditions and significantly improved crop yields."

The urgency for growers to shift to more data driven approaches is underscored by the increasing demands of production, scarcity of master growers and requirements for reducing carbon emissions. The integration of photosynthesis data into everyday greenhouse management practices is a major leap forward, offering growers a deeper understanding of their crop in response to environmental conditions.

Sander Barake, CTO at Ridder stated, "Ridder aims to work closely with intelligent solution providers like Gardin who enable growers to make more informed decisions, reduce resource waste, and achieve higher productivity using the Ridder solution; working towards increased sustainability and resilience of their operations."

Both Gardin and Ridder are committed to continuous innovation as they continue to work together to develop novel solutions for the horticulture industry. The continued partnership between Gardin and Ridder will deliver enhanced greenhouse technologies that lead to more sustainable and efficient growing practices.

Image Credit: Gardin's measurements of plant efficiency and health integrated into Ridder Synopta operating at the World Horticulture Centre.

For further information, please visit www.gardin.ag/contact.

About Gardin: Gardin is a pioneering agricultural technology company specializing in optical phenotyping solutions that are combined with machine learning to generate insights into plant health and productivity. Gardin's technology is applicable to any crop species including vegetables, flowers and potted plants. Through its novel approach of 'Plant Driven Growing', Gardin is enabling growers to make decisions on the plants themselves to achieve significant increases in greenhouse performance - www.gardin.ag.

About Ridder: Ridder is a global leader in horticultural technology, providing advanced automation solutions for climate control, irrigation & energy management. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Ridder enhances the efficiency and productivity of horticultural operations worldwide through collaboration and integration of cutting-edge technology - www.ridder.com.