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Thinkable Studio & Gardin Selected for a Prestigious German Design Award

July 2024

Image Credit: Thinkable Studio

We are delighted to share that Thinkable Studio and Gardin have been selected for the prestigious German 'Focus Open 2024 Baden-Württemberg International Design Award' for Gardin's revolutionary phenotyping platform

Thinkable and Gardin received an honourable special mention for the design of one of the world's most advanced agricultural technologies that helps to improve food crops, reduce resource usage and improves forecasting.

"This is one of those rewarding projects where you can see the impact of technology helping to heal and feed the planet! We are in the midst of an agricultural revolution and Gardin is leading the way in sensor technology for greenhouses, vertical farms and polytunnels.

In a wonderful partnership we designed and developed the Gardin sensor from concept into production between in-house team and our friends at Gardin in a record 10 months.

We could not be more proud to be working again with Sumanta Talukdar and his talented team" - Jorg Schlieffers, Managing Director, Thinkable Studio.

Andrew Hunter-Osborne, Director of Supply Chain & Operations says, "The success of Gardin to date has been built on very solid relationships with both our strategic partners & customers alike. The collaboration with the Thinkable team enabled us to realise concept to production against an aggressive schedule delivering our hardware to customers worldwide. Thinkable not only designed a functional, stylish and robust product, but supported our wider manufacturing partners in ensuring a successful first build along with swift product certification. I look forward to working with Thinkable again in generating compelling hardware."

The sensor will be exhibited at the awards ceremony in 'Haus der Wirtschaft' from November 7th 2024 - Jan 25th 2025.

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About Gardin: Gardin is a pioneering agricultural technology company specializing in optical phenotyping solutions that are combined with machine learning to generate insights into plant health and productivity. Gardin's technology is applicable to any crop species including vegetables, flowers and potted plants. Through its novel approach of 'Plant Driven Growing', Gardin is enabling growers to make decisions on the plants themselves to achieve significant increases in greenhouse performance. https://www.gardin.ag/

About Thinkable Studio: Thinkable Studio is an award-winning design consultancy at the intersection of engineering, art, design and science. We are a team of creative tinkerers that aim to deliver sustainable, successful and beautiful solutions and products for our clients through a diligent process of research, technical discipline and healthy dose of pragmatism. Above all, we are passionate about what we do. To find out more about us, please visit https://www.thinkablestudio.com/